August 29-31, 2018


Dont Look Down

(after Sarah Lemont)


dont look down

thats where the cracks are

the gaps

the ugly places

no one bothers fixing


where horrors grasp

clutch at life


what falls


dont look down

despair lurks that dark

haunts these

empty in-betweens

where slipping souls stumble


they prowl the dark

these dead things

destroyers of

what falls


dont look down

hope lives ever near

God walks

so close beside

darkness cannot harm you


Father of lights

God alone!

restorer of

what falls


dont look down

joy is not found there

but leaps

along each days path

sustains the faltered step


love without end

He gives free


what falls



“So often, we get stuck on the minute details of the exact spot we are currently standing. We scrutinize everything within sight, trying to figure out precisely how evenly spaced the yellow lines are on the road and how that will affect the rest of our journey. A bump on the road can send us into a tailspin, and we question why nobody thought to fix all the flaws in our path. We find ourselves always looking down, waiting for the next crack in the pavement, the next potential threat to our happiness. It sucks the joy out of our journey, moving our focus to everything that could possibly go wrong.


Lift your eyes for just a moment and turn around. God has brought you this far. Now look across to the vast expanse you have yet to cover. He will bring you that far, too.


Perhaps youve hit a difficult point in your road. But your journey is not finished. God has so much more for you, and he is using each of these difficulties as a part of your journey, not a hindrance to it.


Take a breath, and let this long road we walk become an adventure, full of beauty and wonder and excitement. If we get caught up in the details, let them be the laughter of a child, the way the grass glistens at sunrise after the first frost, or the happiness you feel after a giant bear hug from someone you love.


Enjoy the adventure, and trust God with the destination.”


Sarah Lemont, June 9, 2018, Facebook

Friend of my cousin, Bernice Lowe


Don't Look Down
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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