August 31, 2018


For Charlie and Annie

and their families


this world is far too sad

is far too filled with grief

heartbreak lurks each smile

tears flow without end

what can we do with pain

but endure it

bent beneath the fearsome load

that should never have been


but we are not forlorn

not left here on our own


hope does spring

is eternal

our God is gracious to save


Oh! God!

save us from this grief

throw it into the pit

from where it came

destroy it, Lord

before it destroy us


Oh! God!

save us!



The grandson/son/nephew of friends died

earlier this week. Defeated by what fights

too many of us.


Sometimes there can be words

but endless pleadings to our God.


This is one of those times.


Dear God save us!


For Charlie & Annie
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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