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November 1989


Final Draft


my God

my most wonderful


and awesome God

you were

before the beginning

after the end

you are

God alone

even now


by your hand

nothing became


stars in their glory

in the grandeur of night,

insignificant points of significant size

infinite in number

far beyond our fondest wish

nearer than our dreams

and all that is beneath them

daystars blazing flame

nightstars changeless ice

birds in their sky

all filled with blue

and green, and air

and light!

oceans wild with creatures

splashing in their dance

earth rampant with beasts

that climb and dig and run


the center of the universe

but off to one side

your footstool


and I

standing here

sudden rock beneath me

endless sky above

I feel the air inside my lungs

and I breathe


and out

and in again

feeling this body work

blood of life racing my veins

life itself burning in my heart

dreams that rampage across my mind

out of the smallest you made me

my God!

at once I am

my fathers growing child

and the man that writes these words

the marvel that I am

the work of your hand


by your grace alone

the hand that holds this pen

can write

I think

I feel

I love!

grown from clumsy grasping but still unsure

this heart still full of self

can love my friends

adore my wife

reel in the exuberance of its life in you

I who once knew only tears

can reach and hold

and plan and dream

and praise

for I alone am nothing

the merest man

of this mere ball

your footstool

and yet I am Something

for you came for me

and bought me whom you made


my God!

all I see proclaims you

God alone

sovereign Lord

King of my life



Sorry God, this doesnt

begin to say “Thank you!”


Final Draft
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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