November 1989


First Draft


my God

most wonderful, awesome God

before the beginning

after the end

you are

God alone

out of nothing you made all

this solid ball on which I stand

the skies about my eyes

the life around my feet

the air that fills my lungs

the life, the dreams that fill my heart

out of the smallest you made me

at once, a tender growing child

and the man that writes these words

by your Grace alone

the hand that hold this pen

grown from clumsy grasping but still inept

this heart still full of self

yet full of love for friends

weak in adoration of my wife

exuberant in its life in you

I can reach and hold and plan and dream

who once knew only tears

and in my sin you came for me

buying me back who once was yours

all I see proclaims you

God alone

sovereign Lord

King of my life


First Draft
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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