January 1989


For Opa and Oma: Early Farewell


happier days

I see them shine

on your pictures by my side

days when smiles were free

unclouded by pain



and there

not at the end of a journey

but actually there

seen by all


now but a memory

recalled after years

have long unrolled

blinding though they be

merest shadows

of the smiles today

near the close of the book

pain dogging

each move

joy shining loud

you hear God calling

and long to go

leaping in His courts

in joy

the bodies now frail

upheld by His strength

rejoicing in His life



stay no longer

on account of me

He wants you more than I

I am older now

and grown

Ill remember love

as shown by you

and rejoice

in the life God let us share


For Opa and Oma: Early Farewell
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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