February 1989



Ive never told you

of the impact youve had

on the way Ive grown

maybe that I never will

but daily

in my prayers

Ive thanked God for you

(and beside you


and the influence youve had

from babe

to boy

to youth

and at last

as a man

each step I took

was beneath your eye

to approve

or rebuke

in either case

you were there

mere words could never say

the thanks I mean to give


now as I take that final step

from your home

to one of my own

I think of all youve been

as Ive grown

and I remember one

more than all

your walk with God

guiding mine

helping it mature

to where I can face the world

unashamed of my Father

as my father is unashamed

and for this

more than all

I thank you


I pray someday that I may show

to a son of mine

what youve shown to me

and watch him as he grows

from child to man

under God and myself

as I was

under God and you


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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