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April 1, 2002


Note on the “Found in My Basement” poems: We were going through boxes in preparation for moving to a home with less storage. In a box of my Bible College notes I found the poems below which I had all but forgotten about. Somehow they found their way into the recycling box without my knowledge and I tore the house apart to find again what mere days ago I never knew I had. My best guess to their age is that they date from the middle to late eighties. I have grouped them here for no other reason than that it is now that they have returned to my life.


Found in My Basement: #1


First Draft


standing on the shores of forever

I gaze

at countless stars about me spread

and hear

the gentle laugh of silent bells

that in the stillness chime


far away, eternity

yet within my grasp



Second Draft


standing on the shores of forever

I gaze

at countless stars about me spread

and hear

the gentle laugh of silent bells

that in the stillness chime


time stands awhile

as do I


confronted by

the mystery of life

the glory of the skies

the perfection of creation


standing here

beneath eternity

symphonies of sight


Third and Final Draft


standing on the shores of time

I gaze

at countless stars about me spread

and hear

the gentle laugh of silent bells

a puzzling child

am I

confronted by

the mysteries of life

in all its glory


the time that holds

memries and hopes

now expands to take it all


questions often

answers seldom

this child wonders


why do icicles sound that way

when their tears on water fall

why does the stream then laugh

can stars still shine

when the sun is bright


misty windows seldom clear

but a glimpse is often enough

to set the soul to flight

to give the heart a song


this soul flies


this heart sings


Found in My Basement: #2


the morning sings for joy

sheer bliss at being alive

the sun springs joyfully into its course



Found in My Basement: #3


how I am able to envy you

the people of the day

He walked among you

healing your sick

raising your dead

turning your water into wine

what joy it must have been

to see Him

to touch Him

and hear Him speak


how I am able to envy you

the seventy He sent out

His divine commission

upon your head

the power of His name

fire in your blood

you performed miracles!

in His name

what a feeling it must have been

to be His hands

and His feet

on that long ago road


and how I am able to envy you

the twelve He called His own

walking, talking, being with Him

for years on end

how I long to learn those words

the way that you learned them

you loved Him as a man

as I never can


Found in My Basement: #4


quiet moments

briefly snatched

from the hurdy-gurdy pace of life


enjoyment shortened minutes fleet by



Found in My Basement: #5


for a brief moment

angels sang

while tears crept to my eyes



Found in My Basement: #6


I tread the light fantastic

the only way to go

no more the gloom cloaked trail-way

or vile, misleading road

onward and upward

the way I walk



Found in My Basement: #7


sounds like




rambling on the winds

slow come trumpeter



Found in My Basement: #8


alive! I am

I feel, I breath

I live


and yet I feel

I’m going rogue


Found in My Basement: #9


Sing Alleluia to the Lord!

for He is all we are

Lift your heart to God!

for He is lord of all



Found in My Basement: #10


we interrupt this show

to bring to you

a news flash

events on

the lower east side

are happening

Johnny’s on the spot

to bring it to

your lives


hornet’s nest activity

besets this

seldom heard from quarter


Tennant’s Block goes out

in a blaze of glory


livid against the night

                       (so silent and deep)

writhe in the agony

surely felt by all

emergency crews

battle rubber necks

to see who gets there first

silence retreats

as the battle rages


um-m-m-m, could you get more personal please, Johnny?)



in the shadow of doom

devoid of all




stand…the victims

a few hurriedly grabbed garments

upon their shivering bodies

(My God!

How could this be?

Where are they?

Oh my God, where are they?)


okay Johnny, that’s it

we’ve got to get back

to regular programming


sorry, ladies and gentlemen,

for this intrusion,

we now return you

to your show,

thank you,

good evening



Found in My Basement: #11


today I woke up


I’ll tell the world

I was happy

I could have leapt the moon



Found in My Basement: #12


I live

breath, work, and sleep

that’s all that is required

in life

even though I feel

I’m going rogue


the mind I have

is not my own

a demon took it

and calls it home


so  now I live

in the curtain of dark

light all around

except where I walk


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