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November 25, 2022


Hold On to the Beauty


your bed wanted to hold you this morning

your coffee warm you, your breakfast feed you

sunlight rose in welcome, birds awoke and sang

in every way your day began simply lovely

but you, unfortunately, did not

last night's troubles, real or imagined

this morning's slights, actual or illusory

have left you with your endless wondering


but dont


just. dont.


your endless wonder is but an abyss

darkness glooms who wander there


dim your eyes to the sadness

silence your ears to the pain

to everything but the beauty

first greeted you this grand day

you breathe, you walk, you live

you own both hope and dream

admire the lovely, cherish the joy

cast scarce your passing glance

upon delusion and despair

tune away your delicate ear

from poor considered word

look upon your bright things

hear your beautiful sounds

rejoice in your constant blessings


rejoice in them


and live


Hold On to the Beauty

A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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