April 28-29, 2021


Hophni, Phinehas … et alia


they're all saying that his picture went wrong

that it went (accidentally) to an unclose friend

(yet how that could happen is mind boggling)

there's talk that he was luring her, or something

(yet it may well be, given his attention calling)

and counter-talk that he didn't even know her

(yet he seems to have known her well enough)

either way it was an unfortunate turn of events

and he is now, quite appropriately, out of a job


but how could he even think it was a good idea

sending so risqué an image of himself to anyone

regardless whether they were close friend or not

and then to defend himself with such language

and claim innocence and infidelity in one breath


what of self-denial, of refusing our baser nature

what of being light in this dark and fallen world

what of Gods call to be holy because He is holy


how could such a one presume to teach of God


such do not live for He for Whom others died

who burn their foul sacrifice on their evil altars

such do not yield their selves an offering to Him

who greedy and proud seek a glory all their own


with such as these at the helm it's a wonder

the Church hasn't a worse name than it does



After scandal de-thrones yet another of Hillsong's pastors


Hophni, Phinehas ... et alia
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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