April 27, 2021


Ive Tried Until Ive Tired


Ive tried, let me tell you Ive tried

I have looked under the rocks

I have looked behind the news

I have looked over the hyperbole

and I cant see it, I tell you I just cant

nowhere in anywhere Ive looked

can I find what you so easily see


I must be going mad, I tell you

completely and stark raving mad

what other reason could there be

where you see what I simply cant

no matter how hard I look for it

or how I wish myself to find it

I must be mad, absolutely mad



No matter where they look, my friends see it:

Conspiracy. Agenda. Persecution. Mayhem.

But I can't, no matter how I've tried I can't see

the things that seem to leap right out at them.

And at times I fear for my sanity ... or my faith.


I've Tried Until I've Tired
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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