October 16, 2019




“Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau today acknowledged the Conservatives could win Monday's election and accused the party of winning support by running one of the dirtiest, nastiest election campaigns in Canadian history …. He also was asked to defend his own party's campaign tactics. A recent tweet from senior [Liberal] campaign adviser Gerry Butts used a photo of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shaking hands with a construction worker [“Well, this is subtle. Sometimes a yellow vest is just a yellow vest?” (Twitter)] to try to tie Scheer to the "yellow vest" movement .… I think Conservatives need to continue to be called out for the nasty negative campaign that they are running, because Canadians deserve better, he said.” (CBC News ~ October 16, 2019)


well he should know, shouldnt he

about dirty, nasty and divisive

the mud dont sling very far

throw it hard it splatters

you start to look alike

and hes also right

Canadians do deserve better


telling the same bold-faced


now in twenty-nineteen

makes it no less of a


than when he and the party

told the same bold-faced


back in twenty-fifteen





surround this man

his aides and their party

they are not to be trusted

Im not trying to take sides, and

Im not even sure I have a voice, and

the alternatives may not be perfect, but

this group simply cannot be trusted


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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