October 12, 2019




“I must say the Christian part of me was having a fit throughout the movie,

due to extremely graphic violence, stabbing, shooting, blood, everything you can imagine.”


From a positive “Joker” review at


you say, as if of two natures,

“… the Christian part of me …”

as though one part of you

is Gods

and another part of you

is not

(but youd be wrong

there is no Christian part of you

there is only just all of you

whether all Christian or all not)

and, being of two natures, are able

to enjoy good as you condemn evil

in what must be seen as either one


to own such dispassionate doubleness

to say on one side “I am Gods”

and on the other “I am not Gods”

as though the Gods part had no care

on what the not Gods part enjoyed

I had not known that this could be


I had not known there could be both a Christian part

and an un-Christian part to the same soul

had always believed, and still do believe

being a Christian is either all or nothing

of who a person is

but of a Christians maturity

your doubleness speaks silent volumes


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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