October 1988


I read in the bible

and in other books

of the casting of life upon the Lord

fearless of tomorrow

trusting fully in Him

for all that is needed

and my heart beats more strongly


I read of the men of old

like Paul

and Peter

and James and John

and also of the men of now

like Billy

and Watchman

and Calvin and Lewis

casting their lives upon the Lord

and being richly blessed

while blessing others

and fire courses my veins


I read of the devotion

of the people of God

to God

through life

even unto death

regardless of hate

or persecution

or even reward

other than Gods

and I weep


I read of selfless sacrifice

for the Lord

trusting on Him to sustain

and the lives that were saved

as a result

and I want to shout with joy


I write these lines

while reading others

asking myself time after time

why not I

if God can use me

I long to serve

the God I love is able

He will uphold me

in any circumstance

of that I am sure


why not, my God

why not I

if you can use me

take me

Ill serve



Calvin Miller, not John Calvin


I Read in the Bible
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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