October 1988


on my desk beside me

are four pictures

with dozens more inside

and thousands more at home

of people once and always dear to me

a varied collection of faces Ive loved

and love still

my group of friends

that made and make my life

the wonderful experience it is


mere words cannot express to you

the gratitude I have

to you

the ones who love me

and to God

who gave us love to share

I pray that someday

after Christs return

I may stand with you before the throne

and praise you to God

and thank you before Him

for without your urging

I wouldnt have arrived


I love you

I thank you

I praise God for you


may our God richly bless you

for all youve been for me


On My Desk Beside Me
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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