February 28 - March 17, 2019


I sat before a man

who stood before his people

with other men as well regarded

some of whom disagreed

on Genesis

some of whom disagreed

on Revelation

all of whom agreed

from Abraham to Jesus


I sat before this man

standing before his people

with these well regarded men, saying

“We may disagree

on Genesis.

We may disagree

on Revelation.

But we are agreed

from Abraham to Jesus.”


going on to say

“These men love God.

We stand as one, united.

These men are my brothers.

We follow Christ in union.

Follow our example.”


I sat before this man

before these men

before these well regarded men

and wept

at thought so careless intertwined


What unity can there be

between truth and lie?


I Sat Before a Man
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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