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February 22, 2019


Toxically Masculine


its odd, as a man, to hear

all this talk of our toxicity

as if we were, somehow


(well, we are

but no worse

than any other)

needed wiping out

needed eradication

needed obliteration

as if we were, somehow


(well, we are

but no more

than any other)

yet neither I

nor any man I know

is so toxically masculine

as to cause anothers harm

merely to sate their self-worth

as so many seem to think

we do

(not because I wont see

but because I havent seen


on their childrens faces or


on the face of their wife or a


paste upon their own face)


it is not toxic masculinity

(or militant feminism)

we must fight

it is sin

it crouches to devour


and we must master



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