September 24-October 22, 2018


I Wonder


I wonder if God lets our murdered children

stand with Him before their faithless parents

and shows them each what would have been

had their lives been valued more than death

and let these children demand an accounting

why they never had their chance to breathe


I wonder if God lets our murdered children

safely rest within His arms, tender held

by a Father far more faithful to love them

than their own parents could ever prove

and give these children a chance to forgive

before fear and joy forever take their own



After a conversation with a friend who

operates an anti-abortion & pregnancy

help ministry, I was thinking about what

might happen if these murdered children

were to meet their parents before Gods

great white throne. Would He give them

time to find out why they were killed and

let them have a chance to forgive before

Heaven and Hell make their final claim.


I Wonder
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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