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September 22, 2018


The Sunny Day


this world can be scary

its so big

its so busy

even on “The Perfect Day”

it intimidates

more often than not

so many things rushing by

so many people going on

the mind, reels

looks for shelter

hides behind eyes

not quite aiming

at what theyre looking at

but even like this

when they almost see

something special

(a person in a Blue Jays cap


a parent sharing smiles with their child


a person so obviously enjoying living)

it becomes contagious

overwhelms the fear

that person is my friend

and I must

I simply MUST

greet this face Ive never seen

and say “Hi,

its been a long time,

how are you doing?”


and thats so strange

cause Im not like that at all


The Sunny Day
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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