September 3-5, 2021


mans political “isms”

of any particular leaning

whether Fascism

or Communism

or Socialism

or Humanism

or any of his thoughtful kind of “isms”

he'd care to mention

like Idealism

or Pragmatism

or Fatalism

or Nihilism

or even his theological “isms”

graciously (or not) at odds with each other

like Catholicism

or Calvinism

or Arminianism

or Dispensationalism

are inconsequential

none of these “isms” matter

in the ultimate scheme of life

these “isms” just don't matter


if there's man at an “isms” center

it's bad

thats the bare fact of the matter

the only “ism” that truly matters

isn't an “ism” at all

it is faith

faith alone in God alone

before Whom all “isms” have no power


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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