September 4-5, 2021


Secondary Issues


“Dont divide on secondary issues.  Agreed.


Secondary issues:

* May you eat Halal?

* Are you pre-trib. or post-trib.?


Primary issues:

* Disobeying Scripture: Hebrews 10:24-25 or James 2:9.


The Church needs to unite in obedience to Scripture. If you want to divide, divide from the world, [dont] try to appease [it].  Obedience to God proclaims His Kingship.”


I would agree

we must not divide on secondary issues

those issues of no eternal consequence

are not to separate brothers and sisters

who have been made one in Christ


I would debate

what these secondary issues are

by which we should not be divided

“food offered to idols?” certainly

“Pre-trib. vs. Post-trib.?” never


one is a matter of freedom

and Christ has indeed made us free

to enjoy all that He has created

the other is a matter of interpretation

and as God, our God, is One

His word can own but one meaning


as you say that interpretation is secondary

your interpretation is itself being made suspect

is showing evidence of having lost its primary focus

which is to listen to God that we may better love Him


Secondary Issues
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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