October 3, 1987


last night in prayer

you started

starting with God

so good a beginning

for so large a step

“Where two or more are gathered…

I will be there”

He was!


today we felt it

in His name were you wed

kneeling together in prayer, you said

“Our Father

who art in heaven…”

but He was here

on earth

with you

on your day of days

standing before us

hand enfolding hand

so simple a showing

of your love


how honoured I have been

to be a part of this

thank you


as days move on to years

when smiles give way to tears

recall this day

that you began with God

that He does love you

beyond all human thought

“All things work for good

for those who love the Lord”


remember as well

this man loves you

as dearly as possible

on this world


God bless you both

now and always



For Ben and Helena Heuving, on

their wedding, October 3, 1987


Last Night in Prayer
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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