October 1988


material things

possessions of this life

are standing between

me and my God

whom I serve



a man

at once

humble and proud

a scattered collection of thoughts

unknowing of the future

to which I ride

merely a man

born to death

breathing a span

suddenly dead

uncaring then

for all I own

save God



my God

awesome in power

glory and might

only ruler

of all creation

the very life

of all that is

how are you willing to love

such as I

and pay for me

to let me live

you see my imperfection

and love me yet

guiding these wayward feet

on your chosen road

of all I possess

only you own me


how can the things I have made

stand between my God and I

plastic and metal

will all burn away

only you live on

save me from myself

oh Lord

help me live for you alone


Material Things
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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