May 20, 2020




this time last year we were in Paris

it was as wonderful as we had hoped

the first sight we had above ground

was of Eiffels tower against a sunset

as golden as the time we were having

celebrating our thirtieth year in a café

sipping wine beneath its very shadow

we saw Notre Dame, from a distance

lunched and cruised along the Seine

climbed both the Pantheon and the Arc

were astounded within Sainte-Chapelle

by the love for God behind such beauty

looked out over it all from Montmartre

and we heard, no matter where we went

sirens, saw streaming police cars chase

past the buses we were sightseeing from

erupting heavily armoured (and armed)

guardians of the publics safety, smiling

gracious as we walked by, as quiet they

discussed their private concerns aside

when we left Paris we heard of entire

subway lines that had been shut down

for the fear of terrorists and bombs

and yet I dont recall feeling afraid at all

they were good at doing what they did

quiet, attentive, relaxed and self-assured

part of the scenery, for the most part

as we enjoyed both history and today


this time this year were staying inside

dont travel much but to get groceries

for us and Mom and Doris and her crew

and then are masked and socially distant

no armoured guards surround danger

but our care-givers are wearing capes

yet even now, fear is strangely distant

though not only a subway but everything

is shut down to greater or lesser degree

were not hiding so much as are careful

that the bug keeping us in these days

these strange, astoundingly lovely days

harms neither us nor those we love


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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