January 1985


Monday morning sun

streams through the

kitchen window

something like a promise

of extra glories to come

at the table I

stare across



tea and scrambled eggs

to you

hurriedly dropping my eyes

to my food

when you look my way

and think

of how you make me feel

of what you make me see


       ...anything and everything

but mostly

of how one like me

could dare lay claim

to the friendship

(even love)

of one like you

it floors me

to think of the gift

you are to my life

I wish I could find the words

to tell you



because of you

I feel this way

Ive never felt before

its so...!

Id gladly live like this


and a week


trying to find out

for so long

but I knew it

all the time

I love you

please, oh please

still love me


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