January 1985


once I looked on you

as a stranger

and from a distance

admired your life

envied your friends

hoping I would be

fortunate enough

to become one


and I did

thank God


then I looked on you

as my dearest friend

and by your side

my life was blessed

as seldom before

your friendship

was a gift

beyond all mortal means

all I could do

was just to love you


and I do

thank God


now I look on you

as a man in love

and it scares me

either my life changes for the best

or it changes for the worst

but its never the same again


and so

my dearest, closest friend

I beg of you


if I act confused

       for I am

if I hurt your feelings

       I couldnt on purpose

if I cause you pain

       Im sorry

my eyes see two questions

both seem true:

i)        what right do I have

       asking that friendship

       be turned to love

ii)        what right do I have

       to think it cant

but no matter what

my friend

remember this

I loved you then

I love you now

I will love you always


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