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February 1989


my God!

the grief you felt

that awful day

your only

treasured Son




my god!

could tears become your face

that laughed creations dawn

could your hands

that juggled stars

and moulded man

truly clench in pain

could your breath

that gave men life


as we took His


my god!

I am sorry

for me you endured this pain

but for the man I am

it need never have come

I am sorry


my God!

how you must have smiled

a million suns obtaining life

by your joy

your laugh

it must have shamed the thunder

as He came dancing back

leaping planets in His joy


My Father!

My Father!



your Son

the mighty King

returning to your side

surely the universe ceased its pause

dancing quick from mourning

echoing to this day

the joy of love fulfilled


my God!

I thank you

for being saved by what I caused

I too can come to you

singing and dancing in joy

and bow before you

in adoration



Inspired by Carmen's

“The Champion!”


My God! The Grief You Felt
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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