September 6, 2021


in "The Last Battle" there is a bear

who, though both stalwart and true,

dying, still said "I don't understand"

for years I've wondered about that

what didn't that bear understand

what did Lewis hope by saying this

to have us, his readers, understand


today I think I finally do understand

the bear was not confused about dying

had proved himself quite willing to die

if the cause in which he died were just

he was, after all, both stalwart and true

the bear did not understand as he died

why he must die at the hands of his own


Lewis was not prescient, but he knew man

knew his human nature, divorced of God

would prefer its passion against His reason

would present its falsehood as if were truth

would pervert Gods word for selfish glory

would proclaim as both fool and unfaithful

who would whole-heartedly serve their God


Not Understood
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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