September 6, 2021


The Star


theyre abusing that star now

that yellow star of David

that horrid star that Hitler used

usurping for his evil purpose a beauty

millennia old before his Reich first strode

in iron tread over doomed innocence

they think, they say, they shout

that they fight this same evil

usurp for themselves that same horrid star

emblazon it likewise upon their own sleeves

claim for themselves a persecution

that was never theirs to own

show careless disregard for the millions slain

and offend those countless more who mourn

they gleefully rejoice their hardship

enthusiastically claim a loss of freedom

in the mistaken belief they endure it alone


as if this world had not evil enough of its own

that it must have yet another added on



I do not understand how some Christians are able to apply this image to themselves

and at the same time are also able to claim that they are channels of Gods love.

It is reprehensible that this image is used to protest COVID-19 restrictions.


The Star
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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