September 21, 2018




rain falls sudden, fast and hard

storm drains and ditches overflow

streams free-run the ground

and the four-oh-one slows to a crawl

cars flow down the roadway

boats on rivers newly born

close followed by rooster-tails

unconfused by this new game

dark skies fast outpace traffic

the sun behind me glows bright

shining into the murky wetness

through rush hours (odd name) mist

colours dance the sky above me

flow with the rain drip onto the road

run from the sky to dance my car

(My Father!

This is amazing!)

and I am overwhelmed by glory



Driving home along the 401 this evening

a sudden torrential rain drenched everything.

But it was over by the time Id gone half-way

and the sun came out behind me, making a

rainbow glow above Pickering and in the mist

of the cars around me. And all I could think

was: “My Father! This is so AMAZING!”


It was a lovely drive.


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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