March 30, 2008


Rescue of the Rebel


We shall save them

they are Ours

We have made them

We love them

they have been stolen

by the hater

they have wandered

along the path of his lies


We shall save them

as We planned


We shall show them Our love

which has always been

which is

which will always be

that those who rejoice in Our love

may again be Ours


I shall go among them

sharing their life

their aches

their pains

their joys


their curse


I shall be one of them

but still Myself

that though seeing Me

they shall see You


I shall be with You

I will pour Him upon You

I shall call You My very Own

We promised to Our friend

before all creation

I shall be with You

He will pour Me upon You

that You may be the blessing

We promised to Our friend

and so He came

to the very ones He made

taking upon Himself our form

bearing upon Himself our curse

healing with Himself our affliction

the nails that pierced His hands

the spear that pierced His side

were our own

we were to die

the wrath of God that He bore

saved us from certain death

the life He took up again

His eternal promise

that we too shall live


Rescue of the Rebel
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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