April 3, 2008



(an allegory of sorts)


last night I gave in to temptation

this morning I am with remorse


those two Oreos didnt look so bad

at first

and were tasty too

with that glass of milk


right out of the bag


but the chips they wanted for company

didnt go down so well

or settle

too much salt

too soon after

too much sugar


(I am, after all,



so the gummies

and the chocolate snacks that followed

both of them

were only to settle my nerves

until they started calling for peanuts

(unsalted, this time)

what could I do

but give in to their demands


then, finally,

just before bed

two slices of cheddar


so it wouldnt bother me


but it did

it all did

with dreams


and other things


and  now

I am remorseful


my body

it pays the price

for my indiscretions


Tongue in cheek, sort of, I had a

bad munch on last night and I paid

the price for it today.


More devastating temptations also

begin with the beguiling innocence.

Likewise they are followed either by

remorse, repentance or repercussion.


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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