June 30-July 21, 2021


Situational Hermeneutics


this pandemic, and our governments mandates to contain it

have made for some interesting” hermeneutical decisions

as we who love God work to reconcile faith with society


some, reading "submit to authority" in Romans

do this

others, reading "hold to account" in the same place

do that


some, reading "gather together" in Hebrews

do this

others, reading "encourage each other" in the same place

do that


some, reading “do not associate with evil” in Ephesians

do this

others, reading “walk in love” in the same place

do that


but God is One, He speaks now just as He ever has

the One True God cannot speak conflictingly true words

our multiple grasps of Gods good truth but yield confusion


"To the Law and to the testimony!

If men do not speak in accordance with this word,

it is because they have no dawn."


Situational Hermeneutics
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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