June 29, 2021


Just Jesus!


some say that power will align against us


its not about having powers favour


some say that our rights will be infringed


its not about any abuse of our rights


some say that we will be despised citizens


its not about our status in our nation


some say that we will lose our possessions


its not about what we claim to own


some say that we will be unfairly treated


its not about how anyone treats us


some say that our lives will be in danger


its not about how well or long we live


so what if we lose it all

all of these are temporary

its not about any of all of that

it never has been

it never will be


its about following Jesus


its only about following Jesus

it's always only been about Jesus

it will always only be about Jesus

nothing else will ever matter

not one other thing


Just Jesus!
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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