February 27, 2000


some would see this world of stuff alone


no heart


       no soul


               no spirit


no God but the winds of chance

blowing free as one orb circles an other

in the vast emptiness of space


but such suppositions are without substance

in the face of such immensity

such wondrous beauty can never merely be

the offspring of atomic collisions

and changes in energy over time

there is far too much wonder, even in the stuff

for that fallacy to have any truth

I live in a world of stuff and more than stuff

where angels shelter children beneath wings

on their way through winter storms

and an only Son can save a race



Some weeks ago Connie told us of a time, when she

was still taking children from school to their homes,

that she had to do it through blizzard and how two

men that she had not met before, nor has she seen

them since, helped her, hiding children from the cold

beneath their overcoats.


Some Would See This World Of Stuff Alone
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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