March 5, 2000


they lie peacefully abed

my sweet little angels

treasures beyond all price

the gifts of today upon a chair

between their beds

beside their heads

ready for their need

tomorrow’s hope

but the merest glimmer

at the fringes of their dreams

all too soon that day will come

drawing ever distant less

the passing of the torch

to younger hands

I myself have raised


I pray

the gifts I bequeath to you

be the equal of those

my father gave to me



Daniel and I went to Crossroads Community Church

this morning and had a tremendous experience.  On

way out he saw a book with a pretty cover (“Today,”

a devotional put out by the CRC) and he wanted one.

We got one for Julia too.  At night, when I went to

kiss them good night, I saw the books on the chair

between their beds.  Daniel calls it his bible book.


They Lie Peacefully Abed
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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