August 10, 1999


Sunday, Evening Sermon


“No, not yet!”  I said

wishing to hear not him

but him

thinking that to follow dinosaur trails


was not hardly the thing

“Daddy, could you go down

and get me one sheet

of plain blank paper?”

optimistically asked

of a father by love committed

as Julia and Emily happily gaggle

“No! again

but inspired

open a dinosaur book

to an empty last page

where a son ecstatic

went busily to work.




some minutes later

inquiring of the art

was told it represented

“You and me,

going fossil hunting.”


outdone, I wept




Daniel's great thing this summer has been

his constant wish to go fossil hunting with

me. The picture truly exists, as do the tears.


Sunday, Evening Sermon
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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