June 22-23, 2020


The Exegete


you bragged before us yesterday

(theres honestly no better word)

how you were always very careful

to be studying the Bible correctly

because you must read it correctly

so that you could teach it correctly

proceeding from there to discourse

on how exegesis and isogesis [sic]

are vastly different from each other

that we must be careful discerners

so eisegesis wont put self-thought in

while exegesis pulls God-thought out


I sat, disbelievingly, before you

recalled our email exchange caused

by your three weeks ago message

how you admitted you “misspoke”

on the acts of Paul and Barnabas

I was happy to hear your admission

looked forward to mistakes redress

yet today you continue to misspeak

to all who view the record, unaware

your admitted careless speech remains


and I ponder, very long and very hard

upon the abundantly obvious eisegesis

underlying your careless spoken words


The Exegete
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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