May 5, 2013-August 12, 2019


There must be something more

beyond this dark horizon        

Some where that gives here its meaning

Where our fragile hopes and dreams

find at last their consolation

Where treasured moments fleeting

receive the due of all their promise


For this land is depressingly unjust

its pleasures too quickly fade

before tears too numerous to count

for wounds with no lasting cure

Were justice even to be found

its triumphs too soon pass to dust

mans memory dim to nothing

lessons forgotten and unlearned


There must be something more

beyond grim dread edge of life

Some where that gives here its meaning

Where our remorseless sorrows

meet their perfect justice

Where our ephemeral joys

become the glory for which we long



In Sunday School, with Dr. Craig Carter,

studying from the book of Ecclesiastes and

learning about the problem of pain in life.


We have a longing for fairness, justice and

glory that can never be met in this world;

a desire so strong that it is essential that its

longings be permanently met elsewhere


There Must be Something More
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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