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November 8, 2021


They Couldnt Be Serious, Could They?


this is my reaction to “Caldron Pool”

which claims to be “a conservative website for:


current affairs

cultural opinion”

which also claims to have as its namesake

“The Last Battle”

C. S. Lewis finale to his Chronicles of Narnia

yet somehow manage to misappropriate the story

of the finding of a lions skin by Shift and Puzzle

from Shift overwhelming Puzzle to deceive many

into the restoration of the new creation

which, metaphorically, “sums up the goals of this site:

demonstrate the truth of Christianity over all other faiths

highlight dangerous outcomes of rejecting Biblical truths

illustrate how the testaments are foundational to our rights”

a noble purpose to be sure

but still, their name gives me cause to wonder

why claim yourself an arbiter of truth

yet take the name of a source of deception

even as the understanding of that source is mis-founded


They Couldn't Be Serious, Could They?

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2021
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