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February 16-September 3, 2019


you who stand at the front line

who carry battle to the enemy

bear the fury of his assault

heal the carnage of his wrath

stand strong and have hope

there is a reason why you are

it is God's own reason

you are not an accident, you

were known before days first dawn

you are because God wanted you to be

He wanted you in this place at this time


this place here, it is God's place

the enemy cannot take it

this time now, it is God's time

the enemy cannot steal it

all of this is Gods, is His alone

the enemy cannot have it


the God you serve, He is the One

He alone is the One, He alone is God

serve Him well, in love, with faith

great will be your reward

beautiful will be His pleasure

serve Him well, serve Him faithfully

in His power and with His blessing


You Who Stand at the Front Line
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

Each New Day A Miracle
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