July 14, 2019


Your History Wont Matter Anymore



it sticks to you

theres not much you can do about it

its grimey

its smelly

its ugly

you try to rub it off and you only grind it in


you cant get rid of it

and no one

absolutely no one

would welcome you to their banquet

all muddy and covered in filth

like that



one shower

just one shower

washes it all away




is gone

even the smell

down the drain

as though it had never been

the mud

just wont matter anymore


just like

your history

on being washed it

just wont matter anymore

youll be welcome

an honoured guest

at the greatest banquet of all



I wrote this after my enthusiasm for the 50th

anniversary of the Apollo 11 misison led me

to Wernher von Braun, at one time a member

of the Nazi party as well as the SS and the

genius behind the Saturn V rocket. I learned

that he had been saved in 1946 and thought

“Dude! Your history doesnt matter anymore!”


Your History Won't Matter Anymore
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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