January 1988


On Parting


headlights run Front Street

all heading away

inside Wendys we sit

we three

comrades of other evenings

and other years


we sit

discussing our futures

making our varied plans

away from this focus

our lives soon will take us

away from the warmth

of a sudden evening tea

and get togethers over videos

on rare Monday nights


seven months lie yet

between us

and that coming day

I should rejoice

in the times youre left to me

but I dont

the tears of tomorrow drown

the joys of today

I find my dance decay

its steps go leaden


God brought us together

and we grew as friends

for that I give thanks


glory to God!

my prayer is now

that someday

in some unknown where

we will meet again

to smile

and laugh

at the yesterdays

once we shared



In Wendys of Belleville, “dining” with Cathy and Shirley,

faced with the sudden reality of parting.


On Parting
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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