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For most of my life I have written poetry. I don't know if I'm anywhere near being a good poet, but I do know that I love how words can express so well our deepest thoughts and, as I am a man who has experienced both joy and grief, I reflect on these with words. I write because I know that the One True God hears my heart and listens to my cry; whether it be of joy or grief. God is praised in every smile. God comforts every tear. God heals every wound.


These poems are praise to God for His wonder. They are cries to Him for help. They are my own reflection of the universe He has made for us to enjoy, and which in its own way reflects His glory. They are the marks of my passage through this wonderful life He has given me.


The words on these pages have sprung from my knowing that there is no one more worthy of my devotion than God; I hope that in seeing my footsteps your own may be made more sure.


Recent Additions & Edits


On a Facebook Post

Death Shall Not Have This

They Stand on Guard


Jesus Loves Me!

Every Now and Again

This Disciple's Creed

The Lord is Good

Unimaginable Love

Redrawing Walls

For Julia

It Wasn't Pretty

Dear God


Neither Good Nor Nice


My World Feels Upside Down

My God


God IS Good

My Own Forty-Two

Schindlers' Lessons

On Easter Sunday, 2022

Second Chances

You're Not Here To Be ...

Truth, Come Out!

The Soul has been Devoured


I Still Stand

It Was Worth It

A Poem for the End of the World

The LORD Reigns!

Today is Not a Day for Celebrating


Google Search Devotional

On the Raising of Lazarus

Out in the First Morning


His Light Has Come Upon Us!

This City Intrudes

To A Poet Some Time From Now


The Damascus Road

Infinity's Edge



by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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