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Poetry by Peter Rhebergen


For most of my life I have used poetry to express my heart; I love how words can express so well our deepest thoughts. I do this because I know that the One True God cares and that He hears my voice, whether I speak of joy or grief. God is the source of every smile, and the comfort of every tear.


These poems are my praise to God for His wonder, my cries to Him for help, my reflections on all He has done and is doing for me. They are the marks of my passage through the wonderful life He has given me and have grown out of the knowledge that no one is more worthy of my devotion than God. I hope that in reading them your own walk with God will be made more sure.


Though I pleased with all of them these are the poems I love the best


Across the Sea



Beside the Wild Water

Bottom of the Sky


Death. Does. Not. Win!

His Light Has Come Upon Us!

I Know That I Shall Never See

I Should be in a Boat

Infinity's Edge

My Hope

Oh Give to Me an Endless Sky

Our Great Loss

Out in the First Morning

Screaming Through a World

Sing, Oh Earth!

The Sower

This Disciple's Creed


To A Poet Some Time From Now

Today = One. More. Day.




by Peter Rhebergen

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