Poetry by Peter Rhebergen


For most of my life I have written poetry. Some of my poems may be good (perhaps even very good), some are merely average and far too many are pleasing only to me. I do not pretend to be a great poet; I am just a man who has experienced both joy and grief and has reflected on these in words. I write because I know The God listens who reads my heart; who finds worship in every smile and tear; who receives each joy as praise and who will heal the worst of wounds.


As you read these poems, you are reading the personal journal of my life. The words on these pages have sprung from the realization that I have no one on whom I can depend other than God, These poems are cries to Him for help; praise to Him for His wonder; and reflections of the universe He has made for us to enjoy. They are the marks of my passage through this grand life He has given me; I hope that in seeing my footsteps your own may be more sure.


These poems are a form of worship. It is my prayer that in reading them you will be encouraged to worship God and praise Him for the life He has given you, regardless of its pain or joy.


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A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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